The condemned live longer.

The mexican netZine Oživit Music released a compilation of Italian underground post-rock bands, including the song “The Subject Himself” from our 2008 album “People do not know who rules”. If you’re into post rock you should definitely check it out! Free listening and download. Among others it includes well known bands like “Giardini Di Miró “. We feel honored!

Standby till on further notice

Hello everyone,

We’re sorry to say that the project SOA is on standby till on further notice.


The reason is that some of us are currently living and working abroad so that our current situation doesn’t allow working on new material and playing live shows. At the moment we can’t say when or if we’ll resume our musical activities. However, if so or not… we’ll give some notice.

That’s all for the meantime



We’re back

Hello everyone

as one or the other might have noticed, we’re back – metaphorically and physically.

We played are first mini tour in our new constellation, featuring Marco Antoci D’Agostino on bass and Harti Campidell on Hammond and Piano and we’re more than happy to see that all things worked out and went on so well. Probably, we’ll be on stage this autumn again. However we’re going to announce that asap.

We’d like to thank you, those people who were attending our show and especially those who were there before, during and after this BIG CHANGE.

We’d like to thank judA (IT), FLU:T (IT/AT), Rosenprung (AT), Vessels (UK), Fugitive (IT), Satelliti (IT) for sharing the stage with us as well as all the promoters, Poison for souls, Los Gurkos, the FLUC and the UFO crew (esp. Werner Huber) for caring about our needs and technical issues.

We’ve uploaded a small gallery that gives you an impression of our tour.

MAY TOUR 2013 - new constellation

So… there is nothing left to say but …


all the best






Hello everyone, those people who’re planning to attend the show in Bolzano on May 30th should read this!


FROM SILL to the beautiful PIPPO STAGE.

All right, folks – we’re looking forward to see you there,

yours SOA

Link to FB-EVENT

May Tour

We’re happy to announce that we’re going to share the stage with some amazing bands in the next time.

You may want to check the dates and bands.

28th May, at the FLUC in Vienna AT with: 

ROSENSPRUNG Vienna AT – Alternative – Experimental

29th May, at the P.M.K. Innsbruck AT with:
Vessels UK – Electronic – Post – Rock

30th May, at the SILL Bolzano/Bozen IT with
Fugitive – Post Rock – Post Metal – Bolzano

Satelliti – experimental – Bolzano

31st May – UFO Brunico/Bruneck IT with:
judA – Alternative Rock – Milano
SOA 2013

FLU:T – Experimental – Vienna – Brunico AT/IT

AQUADRO free streaming


Free streaming on: 

Short description:
AQUADRO – the new movie by Stefano Lodovichi

Aquadro is a love story about  the teenagers Amanda and Alberto, and about a video supposed be a secret.

About the Music (in Italian):

” Perché, per merito anche delle belle musiche a firma di Klaus Leitner, Irene Hopfgartner e Ivo Forer, sono massicce dosi di umanità ad emergere nel corso della emozionante oltre ora e mezza di visione al cui interno il sesso, suo argomento cardine, non viene banalmente sfruttato al fine di mostrare gratuite immagini esplicite, ma, al contrario, per ricordare che in amore è sempre in due che si ottiene la vera forza per affrontare ostacoli e difficoltà.”
by Francesco Lomuscio (read full article)



good vision and best regards


AQUADRO Trailer #3:



AQUADRO Trailer #2:

AQUADRO Trailer #1:

Sense of Akasha featuring soundtrack of AQUADRO


AQUADRO – the new movie by Stefano Lodovichi

Aquadro is a love story about  the teenagers Amanda and Alberto, and about a video supposed be a secret.

Free streaming starting on March 15: 

Music by Klaus Leitner, Ivo Forer and Irene Hopfgartner and with songs by  SENSE OF AKASHA





good vision and best regards


Tour Video

Hello world,

After more than one and a half year of live abstinence from stage, we’re really satisfied about our first show with the new constellation.

Here’s a little tour video from last weekend spent in Feldkirch (AT), with SOA, Clara Yukata (FR) and Lena Malmborg (SWE) playing at the “SPIELWIESE FESTIVAL”. NJoy. Today we’re heading towards Milan (IT) because we’ll be play at the Honky Tonky club, together with FLU:T. We’re going to add a few shows in late May, in Austria and Italy, and there are other great news to come so stay connected.


New Live Shows

Hello everyone,

we’re thrilled to announce some SOA dates for March. Check them out on our LIVE page or FB-Site.
On this occasion we want to inform you that these upcoming gigs will be the first of a series with our new constellation (see related post), so this is going to be a premiere, in deed.
And for the first time we will be playing in the Western part of Austria namely, in Feldkirch. The show in Milan on March 7th well be opened by FLU:T, an experimental music project by Ivo Forer, Irene Hopfgartner and Klaus Leitner.

We hope to announce some more dates in the next weeks. Thanks to Alexander Egger for designing this awesome tour poster. We’ve put it in the download section if your interested in downloading it.


Design by Alexander Egger


Hello everyone, we are more than pleased to announce that we’ve found a worthy substitute for our bass player Erika, who currently cannot make it to go on tour with us.

And here he is, known for his wall breaking bass sounds with his band judA from Milan, MARCO ANTOCI D’AGOSTINO will be on with us in February 2013.


With these good news we’d like to thank you for being with us all the time and wish you a happy 2013.

See you on tour in Feb.


Download – 10 Colours & Lights



10 Colours And Lights
is our personal way of looking back at 10 years full of Colours And Lights.
10 years of great inspiration, times of commotion paired with silent and intimate moments. With this release we wanted to give something back to people,
to life and God.  This release features 5 Colours, our personal top 5 of the last 10 years, and 5 Lights, unreleased recordings, that have not made it into official track lists for whatever reason.
This compilation tries to represent the milestones of our musical development.
We started out in spring 2002 as a typical indie rock band, 10 years later we have developed into something that is very hard to define, and still, no one knows where this is going to end.

We want to thank from the heart…

First and foremost Leander Niederbrunner for his continuous support, his warmth and generosity, his patience and for his precious friendship; Armin Untersteiner and Christian Mair for
playing with us almost for 10 years and for sharing one of the best times of our lives;

All the cool people who trusted us from the beginning, all the musicians and sound guys for supporting us in recording projects and live shows, especially Irene Hopfgartner, Hartmann Campidell and Erika Edler, Hannes Dander and Fabio Sforza, last but not least Anita Taschler and Natalie Dalponte;

All the bands and artists, especially the guys from Juda, for sharing the stage with us;
UFO, Elch Music, Spacelights and Musik Haus Bruneck for equipment; Hannes Dander and Ivo Forer for recording our albums; Giancarlo Lamonaca, Alexander Egger, Klaus Leitner for artworks and websites; Leonhard Leiter, Niki from and the guys from TBS for realizing our video clips; Riff Records, Hoanzl Music, Hongly, Poison For Souls for distribution and booking; Local government, especially the mayor of Bruneck Christian Tschurtschenthaler for supporting our recording and live projects.

Most of all though, we want to thank our beloved girlfriends, intimates, relatives and families for their love, inspiration, patience and believe in our vision.
Last but not least YOU – for listening to our music, supporting us on our concerts,
buying our albums and giving us the feeling that we’re doing the right thing.

Without all of you we wouldn’t have made it so far.

Spread the word – like and share as much as you want!


SENSE OF AKASHA – 10 Colours and Lights

Sense of Akasha

Almost incredible – it all began in 2002.

After 10 years we’re proudly and joyfully looking back at the release of four LPs, two EPs, and numerous compilations, uncountable album and concert reviews, interviews at various radio stations, shows at home and abroad, awesome moments shared with wonderful people and musical projects beyond stage.

Therefor, we’ve decided to release an album that illustrates our musical developments and shows the highlights of our band history so far. This anthology will be titled “10 Colours and Lights” and will feature not merely our personal favourite tracks but also unreleased material from some of our best live-shows and B-sides as well.

We’re already excited to inform you that this album will be available as a 100% free download LP. In addition to that you can expect an awesome artwork in a DIY version.

The album “10 Colours and Lights” will be available as a FREE-Download LP on our website starting from November 19th 2012, and will be communicated trough the major social networks including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

So – Don’t miss our last release before the moon falls to earth and the world is destroyed :-)


Splendid Isolaiton – Official Video Clip

Hello people, we’ re excited to release the video clip of “Splendid Isolation” (Splendid Isolation LP 2011).  Check it out on YouTube and Facebook.

We want to thank the guys from  Team Black Sheep for placing at disposal the footage and Niki from Productions for the editing and the overall realization of this project.

The track “Splendid Isolation” and the same titled Album are avaliable for digital download on Cd-Baby, iTunesAmazon, and as physical copy at


Splendid Isolation – Video release

Hello people,

After more than a year from the release of „Splendid Isolation“ (LP 2011) we are more than happy to announce the same titled video clip.
On October 1st 2012, you’re happily invited to share this moment with us.

You can enjoy the video on our YouTube channel, Facebook and of course on our website starting from 00.01 a.m.


New Videoclip: Ariadne revisited – Escaping the labyrinth

Hello everyone – enjoy the new video clip for the 2009 art-project  “Ariande’s centrifuge”, which features a SOA’s soundtrack.
The sound and the video have been composed by the 2 dare-devils of IN VERTIGO.

Additional info:
Featured song: Intermezzo remix by IN VERTIGO
Music and video editing by IN VERTIGO © 2012
All clips except “space echo LED” by

Enjoy – have fun – share:  love the person next to you and give your mother a hug – it’s mother’s day :-)


Splendid Isolation – Austria Release

Sense of Akasha release their 2011 full length album titled “Splendid Isolation” in Austria.

Splendid Isolation -  2011
In fact, HOANZL music, Austria’s largest Music distributor who already published our 2008 album “People do not know who rules” has confirmed the publication of “Splendid Isolation” as well.
Release date has been fixed for March 16, 2012 – but you can already pre-order the album on HOANZL’s website right now!!

Hoanzl Music

and for those of you who didn’t know – you can get our album in Italy as well via – and in various selected musicstores check it out!

Sense of Akasha announce new constellation

Hello everyone,

we’re happy to announce our new constellation. After a hard period we are now ready again to resume our musical path.

Powered with new energy and with inspiration from our new band members will setup for rehearsing.

But to keep things short – these are our new members!

We welcome Erika Edler, singer and bass player from “Gandhis’s Eye” (Post Jazz Punk). She comes from a Punk and Folk background and has a great voice, plays bass as well as guitar. Indeed she’s a musical multi-talent.

The same holds true for Hartmann Campidell. He played in various constellation among other with SOA for some years and is now a fixed member of the band. Harti plays the keys, piano and accordion and sings in his main project called “dschezzi“, which are very good friends of us. His musical background is hard to define reaching from jazz to punk from folk to post rock, …just listen to this very creative project “dschezzi“. In SOA he’s responsible for background vocals, keys, piano and glockenspiel.

However do not expect us to perform too early – we’ll definitely need some time to get everything working.

…and by the way there are more great news coming up next…. – stay tuned!!!

An era ends …

It is true, some of you might already have heard rumours about SENSE OF AKASHA changing their constellation.

After almost 10 years of playing together the founding member of SOA have decided to go different ways. In Dec 2011 Armin (guitar and percussions) and Christian (bass, keys, voice etc.) left the band for personal reasons.
We are still best friends! It is just our attitude towards music that has changed over the course of time making it impossible to continue in the same constellation.
Nevertheless, we would like to thank Armin and Christian for spending a great deal of their lives playing music and hanging out together.

– You enriched our lives in a unique and very special way.

We, the rest of SOA, Leander, Ivo and Klaus wish Armin and Christian all the best for their future lives.

Understandably enough, due to that circumstances SOA will shut down live-business for a while.
However, we’re already working on a new constellation with, at least for us and for some of you, familiar musicians.

We’ll let you know about it by dropping some news in the next weeks.

there is nothing left to say but

“You were fabulous and still you are.”

Armin @ honky tonky MI (Oct 2011)

Christian @ honky tonky MI (Oct 2011)

on air: RADIO CIROMA – basse frequenze

Today: Mon feb 13th on RADIO CIROMA – basse frequenze

Sense of Akasha: via radio or streaming

SOA on a free download compilation

Good news for 2012.

Our song “Splendid Isolation” from our latest album is included on the free download LP “Wait Christmas” 2012 featuring various promising Italian indie tunes.

You can download this massive collection of music (3 cds – 4 hours – 68 tracks) on the website of the italian music blog “Acidi Viola”.


New album review

“Sei un gran mascalzone! :-)” let’s conclude this year with another splendid album-review.

Read the full text here:  Il Mascalzone (thank you so much!)

SOA wish you all the best and  a peaceful time before Christmas.