We’re back

Hello everyone

as one or the other might have noticed, we’re back – metaphorically and physically.

We played are first mini tour in our new constellation, featuring Marco Antoci D’Agostino on bass and Harti Campidell on Hammond and Piano and we’re more than happy to see that all things worked out and went on so well. Probably, we’ll be on stage this autumn again. However we’re going to announce that asap.

We’d like to thank you, those people who were attending our show and especially those who were there before, during and after this BIG CHANGE.

We’d like to thank judA (IT), FLU:T (IT/AT), Rosenprung (AT), Vessels (UK), Fugitive (IT), Satelliti (IT) for sharing the stage with us as well as all the promoters, Poison for souls, Los Gurkos, the FLUC and the UFO crew (esp. Werner Huber) for caring about our needs and technical issues.

We’ve uploaded a small gallery that gives you an impression of our tour.

MAY TOUR 2013 - new constellation

So… there is nothing left to say but …


all the best





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