The condemned live longer.

The mexican netZine Oživit Music released a compilation of Italian underground post-rock bands, including the song “The Subject Himself” from our 2008 album “People do not know who rules”. If you’re into post rock you should definitely check it out! Free listening and download. Among others it includes well known bands like “Giardini Di Miró “. We feel honored!


Standby till on further notice

Hello everyone,

We’re sorry to say that the project SOA is on standby till on further notice.


The reason is that some of us are currently living and working abroad so that our current situation doesn’t allow working on new material and playing live shows. At the moment we can’t say when or if we’ll resume our musical activities. However, if so or not… we’ll give some notice.

That’s all for the meantime



We’re back

Hello everyone

as one or the other might have noticed, we’re back – metaphorically and physically.

We played are first mini tour in our new constellation, featuring Marco Antoci D’Agostino on bass and Harti Campidell on Hammond and Piano and we’re more than happy to see that all things worked out and went on so well. Probably, we’ll be on stage this autumn again. However we’re going to announce that asap.

We’d like to thank you, those people who were attending our show and especially those who were there before, during and after this BIG CHANGE.

We’d like to thank judA (IT), FLU:T (IT/AT), Rosenprung (AT), Vessels (UK), Fugitive (IT), Satelliti (IT) for sharing the stage with us as well as all the promoters, Poison for souls, Los Gurkos, the FLUC and the UFO crew (esp. Werner Huber) for caring about our needs and technical issues.

We’ve uploaded a small gallery that gives you an impression of our tour.

MAY TOUR 2013 - new constellation

So… there is nothing left to say but …


all the best






Hello everyone, those people who’re planning to attend the show in Bolzano on May 30th should read this!


FROM SILL to the beautiful PIPPO STAGE.

All right, folks – we’re looking forward to see you there,

yours SOA

Link to FB-EVENT

May Tour

We’re happy to announce that we’re going to share the stage with some amazing bands in the next time.

You may want to check the dates and bands.

28th May, at the FLUC in Vienna AT with: 

ROSENSPRUNG Vienna AT – Alternative – Experimental

29th May, at the P.M.K. Innsbruck AT with:
Vessels UK – Electronic – Post – Rock

30th May, at the SILL Bolzano/Bozen IT with
Fugitive – Post Rock – Post Metal – Bolzano

Satelliti – experimental – Bolzano

31st May – UFO Brunico/Bruneck IT with:
judA – Alternative Rock – Milano
SOA 2013

FLU:T – Experimental – Vienna – Brunico AT/IT

AQUADRO free streaming


Free streaming on: 

Short description:
AQUADRO – the new movie by Stefano Lodovichi

Aquadro is a love story about  the teenagers Amanda and Alberto, and about a video supposed be a secret.

About the Music (in Italian):

” Perché, per merito anche delle belle musiche a firma di Klaus Leitner, Irene Hopfgartner e Ivo Forer, sono massicce dosi di umanità ad emergere nel corso della emozionante oltre ora e mezza di visione al cui interno il sesso, suo argomento cardine, non viene banalmente sfruttato al fine di mostrare gratuite immagini esplicite, ma, al contrario, per ricordare che in amore è sempre in due che si ottiene la vera forza per affrontare ostacoli e difficoltà.”
by Francesco Lomuscio (read full article)



good vision and best regards


AQUADRO Trailer #3:



AQUADRO Trailer #2:

AQUADRO Trailer #1:

Sense of Akasha featuring soundtrack of AQUADRO


AQUADRO – the new movie by Stefano Lodovichi

Aquadro is a love story about  the teenagers Amanda and Alberto, and about a video supposed be a secret.

Free streaming starting on March 15: 

Music by Klaus Leitner, Ivo Forer and Irene Hopfgartner and with songs by  SENSE OF AKASHA





good vision and best regards


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